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NY Shipping Update HERE

We are getting BURIED with email and LOVE to hear your comments. Please keep them coming! We are working hard to get through the backlog of email as best as possible!

We are unable to take any orders at this point. We're overwhelmed with orders and challenged with availability of forgings and small parts. It is becoming impossible to quote accurately or attractively - so for now we are going to hold off quoting new business.

A few notes about custom lowers:
Artwork : Please do not submit any artwork subject to copyright unless you have permission to use the art. We will ask.
For magwell images, we greatly prefer to do images only - no text above or below. This gives the most space for the graphics and they do look much better this way. If you require text, we will convert the style to suit our engraving method.

Selector : If you want custom selector text, please realize there is not a lot of room in the "auto" position. 5 characters is ideal, 6 is doable, and 7 is really really pushing it - and will require all of the selector text to shrink in size to fit.

Serial Number : The SN must contain a digit, may contain letters, and may contain a dash. Other punctuation is not allowed, neither are spaces.

Caliber : Multi is the default, one size fits all. If you request a custom caliber marking, it MUST start with a number. We cannot make a lower marked "Bumblebee" but including a number such as ".29 Bumblebee" is fine.

Our upcoming shipment schedule:
  • AR15 Lowers - in process working against our backlog, no new orders.
  • AR-308 lowers - Completely halted production to focus on AR15 lowers. We are not accepting orders at this time.
  • Stainless barrels - Sold out - will be posted as we have more blanks/barrels available.
  • CrMo barrels - Limited inventory of .300BLK 10" barrels available now.
  • .22 suppressors - Sold out for now, more are in prodction and we can start form 3 transfers then.

For questions about any product, services, quotes, or availability, please email us:
   info (at) yorkarms (dot) com

If you are sending a copy of a FFL, please email it to :
   ffl (at) yorkarms (dot) com